Posted by: KG | Thursday, September 22, 2011

To be awake

The history of religion has been colored by great figures whose single-minded pursuit of Reality has benefitted us in the long run. They were all great folks, they were crazy, flawed like us, only more so, perhaps they knew it more than anybody else.

So when we learn from religion, we are taking a risk, we are going to be necessarily misdirected. Pursuit of enlightenment is one such direction.^ In this respect, I found these following statements beautiful in what is a sweet post on Internet and Buddhism.

We heard from Kelly the purpose is to end suffering. In my tradition what we are increasingly saying is the purpose is to create a society that is awake, that encourages people to be awake. I don’t think anybody would say that it’s about attaining a certain state of meditative absorption or jhana or Samadhi, although those are fun and those can be a tool or a method to awakening. But I think a lot of people think it is about that.

If the great figures of religion persuade us to do otherwise, that God, Enlightenment is to be pursued outside of ordinary living, they must be questioned, as such approaches have historically caused more trouble than the good it has produced.

^ Enlightenment could very well be a myth. Debatable, but I am sure students of religion would agree for a start that whole mythologies have been woven around enlightenment.


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