Posted by: KG | Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tropical Malady (Sud pralad, 2004)

I haven’t watched many like this. Even among the ones like it, this film is pretty unique in the way it draws together sounds, images & stories from nature and culture and the resulting tussle from the eyes of its maker. The sexuality is mostly over my head, I only understand it from an abstract sense, as is usual for me, especially so, given the nature of sexuality portrayed.

The last 10 minutes of the movie was way over my head. It is some sort of sexual confluence between the two characters of the movie, that can be said to explain their coming together in the first part of the movie. But does it? Is it intended to? Those are open questions, at least, fresh from watching it.

The fuzzy nature of the movie is driven by its content & reproduced by its maker. But where it is precise, it is amazing, not in the clarity of the story, not in the movie making, but in the nature of the questions it asks, in the way it makes us explore the territory.   Repeat watches required, but it is also not an easy watch, not crisply made, but some times, such a style is justifiable, given the nature of the content, and the effect this meandering style has in delivering this content.

PS: Reading the mythical stories from which it is inspired, might be a good place to clarify.


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