Posted by: KG | Friday, April 10, 2009

The Global Shoe-cialist Conspiracy – A Call for Action (TM)

Corporations sell their products by creating demands and desires, where none exist. The ethical aspect of this abhorrent practice has become a matter of great concern with the latest shoe-throwing incidents at the Indian finance minister Mr.P.Chidambaram and a Congress MP, Mr.Jindal. It is obvious that the shoe companies are funding this new found technique to sell more shoes. This global shoe-cialist conspiracy which started in Iraq against Mr.Bush, has now been successfully exported to India, twice now. Its also obvious that Mr.Chidambaram and Mr.Jindal have received their cuts  (no bruises) from these companies, as they seem to condone these shoecio-capitalist agents. They must be immediately fired for having been the targets of shoe-throwing incidents (shame! shame!). I also call for a joint US-India overseas contingency operation in Iraq to stop the export of such crazy ideas of mass hysteria, lest we become a nation of billion shoe-throwers.

A short advertisment from a sponsor follows:

Nike. Just throw it.

Be sure to run asap. Nike is not responsible for what happens after. 

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