Posted by: KG | Thursday, February 19, 2009

Seeing patterns, where none exist?

A stupid cartoon that tried to create an useless pattern, and stupid reactions that choose to see a non-existing pattern. We are monkeys, no doubt. But hey, that is speciesist!

I have flipped positions on this, since. Read comments.



  1. If I understand you correctly, you are being an apologist-revisionist in this matter. It is not as if the cartoonist did not know that this would create an uproar. I would even bet that that was intended. Clearly the combination of chimp + stimulus bill gives it away. What the f*** is the connection otherwise?

  2. Well, that post was written with the opinion that the authorship of the bill was distributed. I have since come to understand that the public impression has always been that this was Obama’s bill. And, the bill belongs in the public sphere. (and not in a journal, in which case proper author attribution will be provided and Obama will surely be one of the authors and not, the primary author by any means) Thanks for calling me out, to clarify.

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