Posted by: KG | Monday, December 29, 2008

May You be in heaven, a full half hour..

..Before the Devil knows You’re dead (2007) is a riveting piece of entertainment. A harrowing comedy(?!) that makes you wanna cry for a couple of fools. The mocking camera eye of Lumet tracks this perfect crime-gone-wrong with minimal linear movement. (As if the camera says, these characters aren’t serious enough even to follow their actions closely) Not to mention the masterly nonlinear storytelling – rarely have I seen a more rational case for the nonlinear style. Keeps the tension up throughout while constantly building up on the agony (of the protagonists and of the viewer). IMO, its the kinda movie that the Coen brothers might wanna get schooled by – sometime back, I watched one more of their cliched comitragedies in Burn After Reading (2008).


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