Posted by: KG | Saturday, November 29, 2008

‘No reductive arguments, please’

This article from the Orange County Register (never heard of it before – via RealClearPolitics) offers a picture thats probably the best I have seen from the international media so far. These lines were especially interesting to me given what I have been writing about in the last couple of posts on the attacks.

It’s missing the point to get into debates about whether this is the “Deccan Mujahideen” or the ISI or al-Qaida or Lashkar-e-Taiba. That’s a reductive argument. It could be all or none of them. The ideology has been so successfully seeded around the world that nobody needs a memo from corporate HQ to act: There are so many of these subgroups and individuals that they intersect across the planet in a million different ways. It’s not the Cold War, with a small network of deep sleepers being directly controlled by Moscow. There are no membership cards, only an ideology.

A similar point was made in this post yesterday by a friend. This AP report indicates that sanity is starting to prevail instead of wishful thinking in the Western media. More, later.


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