Posted by: KG | Saturday, November 29, 2008

BSNL: A Kushtomer Service Tale ;)

A loyal employee and apologist for BSNL, my mom, shares with me one more incident (this, after a long time) of ‘excellent’ Kushtomer service by BSNL. Apparently, during the recent Cyclone Nisha, there were some problems with BSNL’s broadband service and there was a problem at my place too. My sis lodged a complaint with some local SDE. She was informed that there will be a delay in fixing it as they are receiving a lot of complaints regarding the same and the problem didn’t have a quick fix. Later, the problem was fixed and she got a call from the SDE informing the fix. 

My response: Yeah… ok. 😉 More seriously, BSNL sure had its problems (even as I was leaving India a couple of years back) but it has come a long, long way from the incorrigible DoT of the 90s –  from the era of infinite queue lengths and infinitesimally existent respect for the Kushtomer. Oh, and no, very unusually, the SDE wasn’t told that my mom was an employee of BSNL! 🙂


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