Posted by: KG | Friday, November 28, 2008

Yes, completely homegrown, fresh and juicy

Its still very early to talk certainly about a Pakistani link on the Mumbai attacks although there are indications in that direction. But a commentator on  the Times(UK) seems fairly certain that there is not.

Nor does a direct Pakistani link seem likely, although some Indian channels speculated that the attacks might be the work of Lashkar e-Taiba, the most organised of the Pakistani militant groups. But a direct role by LET, even in sending militants over the border, seems unlikely. True, LET (which renamed itself Jammat al-Dawaat in 2002 to sidestep a government ban) remains large and coherent, but its obsession is Kashmir. The group claiming responsibility for these attacks made no mention of this old cause.

He goes on to say that its most likely to be from within Al-Qaeda or from homegrown terrorists. That this could have been from within the core of Al-Qaeda is funny to me, which is by all reports emaciated for an operation of this magnitude. Nor is this, their normal mode of attack. This is again, a tendency to claim this is completely home-grown when evidence has pointed otherwise.

One, Imran Babar, the terrorist who called a local news channel yesterday has alluded to both Kashmir and the injustice faced by Muslims in India. 

Do you know how many Muslims are killed in Kashmir by your armed forces? Give them their freedom, why are you creating such a mess there? 

How much of injustice can we tolerate? How much can we sacrifice?

Two, this kind of Fidayeen attack is characteristic of the LeT like the Akshardham attack of 2002.

Ofcourse, there is no denying that this may be used to cover up the underlying problem of injustice against the minority but that is already being covered well by the international media – this article from the Time, for example.

On the political front though, once again, India is faced to choose between a soft and incapable Congress-led alliance and the iron fist of the BJP. Personally, I don’t wish for my country to be ruled by proponents of Hindutva. I would prefer to be ruled by a secular, non-functioning democracy. Ofcourse, it also depends on how ‘non-functioning’ it can get.


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