Posted by: KG | Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fox News on Mumbai attacks

There is a tendency in the US media to draw themselves into the limelight even when they need only be marginally involved. The significance of the attacks which are still ongoing as I write, is reflected in the coverage all over the international media.

A former US Secretary of State on Fox News is already dubbing this a home-built, anti-western attack. I don’t have any objections to saying this is ‘home-built’ although it gives the impression that this is the first time such attacks have surfaced in India and/or have been discussed in the US.

But to say this is ‘anti-western’ (and that, alone) throws light on the Hollywood movie fed sub-culture of wanting to be heroes for the entire world and at the center of the universe, all the time. Sure, there is a narrative that can portray incidents of Islamic terrorism around the world as against the West. There are reports that this may have been targeted at foreign tourists. There is, ofcourse, a common thread to all these attacks – that of religious extremism against modern, secular establishments. But to see every incident in this ‘anti-western’  light, is spin. Yes, the very same ‘War on terror’ spin.

Some mailer on CNN even hinted that this is the foreign policy crisis that Biden had said Obama would face in his first few months as President. :)) A CNN anchor even asked an NYC detective if this is connected to some recent intelligence about planned New York Transit attacks by terrorists. He was also asked if the Indians were upto it to which he replied, ‘They have some very good people’. 

All they need now, is someone related to the attacks to say ‘Death to America’ and it creates a story for them. ‘It is a dangerous world out there. They hate us for our freedom’. 😉 The terrorists then succeed at their objectives – creating as much widespread terror as possible. Throwing as much normalcy out of life as possible.


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