Posted by: KG | Wednesday, October 29, 2008

‘I’ll go line by line’

Ha! Atleast someone in the liberal media is neutral enough to honestly challenge Obama The SpendThrift-er on some issue. 🙂

Sure, reality has a liberal bias. And yeah, the media is interested in truth, reality etc (whatever those ‘really’ mean!)

Anyways, it doesn’t matter now. Polls are tightening and everyone’s anxiety is blown up like waiting for an exam result (B? C? F?!) McCain camp sticking to their non-evidence based reasoning & praying to turn water into wine. 😉 Palin camp, as vain as ever. Obama camp, cool as always.

I guess statisticians/pollsters are making more money/uncertainty reduced than ever before. Has there been any ‘real’ reduction in the uncertainty? We would know in a few days. But why don’t they just pay statisticians less by waiting a few more days? 😛 The price of anxiety*uncertainty!


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