Posted by: KG | Saturday, September 27, 2008

And finally…

The Grand Old Man made it to the debate and did surprisingly well, given my expectations. I was expecting him to screw up big time on substantive issues after doubts about his judgement in recent times. Also in interviews, he has been more evasive than Obama when pushed on a question – joking/lying about it/not acknowledging a question at all. (Both campaigns, ofcourse, have crossed all limits of decency and I don’t think anyone should even think about deciding their vote watching campaigns and ads)

Obama did say “I agree with John” quite a few times. Conservative commentators were jumping up and down saying how this reflected on Obama’s inexperience and McCain’s readiness to lead. How about this? Obama was the one to give credit to McCain often where it is due. He even used the words “great credit” once if I remember right.  On the other hand, McCain was the less generous one (and more childish?) talking often about Obama’s naivete & “he-doesn’t-understand”. How about this Grandpa? Which is the more naive VP pick? (Biden often talks crap too but atleast he knows stuff) – Given all that we have seen of Ms.Palin blabbering about Iraq, Iran, Israel, Russia, Putin rearing his head into Alaska, good people, bad people and such high funda stuff nobody could even coherently decode?

Obama is NOT naive. His stands are choices as part of his vision/philosophy, made just as you choose to think abortions should be made illegal and your VP chooses to think that should be true even in cases of rape and incest. Its for the voters to decide whether they want such a choice. Put your house in order first. Better, just as you suspended your campaign to “fix” the economic crisis, fix this ethical crisis of a VP choice and replace her – if you are so much of a maverick!

All said, this debate was pretty even for me. Nothing big/new. Both candidates didn’t have clear answers (understandably) as to how they will cut spending given the $700 billion thats likely to be dished out to save Wall Street. (Covering up for stupidity/greed – thats another post, though) Obama wasn’t good enough to strike decisive blows in questioning McCain’s judgement per se. He stuck to his position of painting McCain as Bush++ but couldn’t do it as effectively as one would have liked. McCain did say a lot of things forcefully on foreign policy issues as one would expect him to. It remains to  be seen if the US electorate would actually buy his forceful statements about Obama’s naivete today. It would surprise me, if they did.


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