Posted by: KG | Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Drift indicators & dreams

Searching for sleep  – there’s a special delight when you start detecting light at the end of the tunnel (rather, lack of it). When your thought stream switches from say, thinking about personal Gods and intervening Gods to thinking [1] a lemon fruit is that God . 😀 This, I call a drift indicator. Another indicator that I’ve had often is the riding-a-bike feeling. I’m sure all of us have some kinda indicator or the other each time. I wonder if some of the indicators can be recovered and described at all. The weird randomness, in this case – the lemon, is a feature thats amplified in dreams. Ofcourse, while in a dream, the weird randomness is no more weird or random. Its deceptively real – either convinced of/oblivious to it. Only on recollection does the weird randomness surface.

After reflecting on this weird randomness sometime back, I’ve had a couple of dreams where I question the reality of the dream within the the dream. But I think this has to do with the variations of levels of consciousness – where I drift out and back in. I’ve had dreams (and I’d guess many have too) where continuity is maintained even after such a drift out and in.

[1] I even wonder, if thinking is the right word here. More like, sampling or observing.



  1. They say that in the East, because of this transfer of consciousness from the waking to sleeping realm is important, there are rules as to how to go to sleep. They also say that the tendency with which you go to sleep will permeate the entire sleep and will last when you wake up. Hence the rules.

    A wise man once said, if you can watch your consciousness at the moment when you drift into sleep from waking without losing it, you will find impossible things possible.

    The same link in multiple religions emphasizing the fact of being God-conscious at the last moment of life. Christianity has this, submitting to the Lord. I believe Hinduism also recommends last minute remembrance as a way of reaching Heaven.

    Sleep and death are truly intriguing.

  2. Randomness and Probability, they make up dreams and your day – they constitute life or something like it….

  3. The idea of drift intrigues me. I’ve been pondering these ideas of randomness and intentionality, God’s intervention/ reticence in a series of paintings. Check them out if you’d like.

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