Posted by: KG | Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Listen, listen, lookout

Listen, listen, lookout;
For the crossed arm that shaketh not,
And the cold cited to not shake.
For the crucial word not stated explicit,
And the dual that does insinuate.
For that staple food so obvious missed,
And the junk that got in instead.

Just – listen; lookout.
To that anxiety with no reason,
And the surprise that removes.
The anxiety with solution known,
Doesn’t quite work this time.
Those loud cries amidst music sweet,
That you quite abhor, anxious.
The very same felt later sine qua non,
This harmony before, elusive.

So, just listen;
To 4’33” – Symphonies countless,
That play but just aren’t there
To be heard by human ear.
And countless more by natural chance,
But not quite looked out for
Because they seem not.

And, lookout;
For that piece so sad and genial
So depressing the sadness
And yet so alluring, the genius
What would I rather forgo?

To mirrors where there is none
For chinks not immediately apparent
To reflections that are driven
By sources hitherto non-existent.

Listen then,
To stories experiences narrate,
Of lessons pretty familiar.
To their interpretations so varied,
Of Paths numerous and unknown.
Just, listen.


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