Posted by: KG | Thursday, January 24, 2008

You scratch my back, I’ll do yours

An example of Darwinian nicety happened at college and someone remarked,”You scratch my back, I’ll do yours“.

Oh, do you read Dawkins?, I asked. (The phrase is the title of Chapter 10, The Selfish Gene. )


Yeah.. How do you know that phrase?

I’ve known it all my life” 🙂

Oh” 😮

My bad. I thought Dawkins had coined it. Lets say, I am marginally dumb. Fair enough? 😉 The earliest attribution is to a Montaigne, French Renaissance writer.

Pattu therivaar silar. Kettu purivaar silar. Padiththu arivaar silar. Whatever be the mode, its a fundamental behavioral rule to be religiously followed.


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