Posted by: KG | Thursday, January 10, 2008


Got a couple of forwards following what transpired at the 2nd Ind-Aus test. As an instance of the injustice-anguish-satire cycle. (more generally, cause-buildup-response)

The first one was a little typical, boring and naive. (use of capital letters, grammatical errors, predictable extensions et al) This was the best of about 8 new rules ICC is planning to introduce for teams visiting Australia. Especially, the bits about the cricketer with integrity and the fifth slip.

While BATTING, AUSTRALIAN players will wait for the ON-FIELD UMPIRE decisions only (even if the catch goes to the FIFTH SLIP as the ball might not have touched the bat). Each AUSTRALIAN batsman has to be out FOUR TIMES (minimum) before he can return to the pavilion. In case of THE CRICKETER WITH INTEGRITY, this can be higher.

The better one was about the umpires. A little less predictable and crisp, I should say, with better execution.

Bucknor: (n) (adj)
1. Temporary blindness leading to missing out on the obvious.
2. To be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
3. Situations leading to grave judgmental errors.
Usage: I feel bucknored by my boss; Life often throws a bucknor at you.

Benson: (n) (adj)
1. Something that legitimises a severe bucknor.
Usage: First they bucknored me and then they bensoned it! I am toast.
Also see bucknor

Certainly adding expressive value (atleast, in the sense of illustration). One can use it like, A Bucknorian decision – to mean a crucial and pathetically wrong decision. A Bensonian trait – to describe a trait that legitimises a Bucknorian attitude. (I am just exercising a small increment to the above)

Will be interesting to know the original creators, especially of the latter.


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