Posted by: KG | Thursday, December 13, 2007

Today’s ‘Modi’cum of Hypocrisy

Modi to Dr.Singh:

“If you cannot punish them (congressmen involved in the anti-Sikh riots), then there is no point in coming here (to Gujarat) and wasting your time.”

I come from a nation,

– where eventually, everyone gets to know all the truths and acknowledges them, but none does anything about it.

– where nobody has the moral standpoint to point fingers at anybody else and everybody does. Which is why, nothing gets done.

– in which a national party is defined as a political entity having atleast one case of state sponsored pogrom to its name, one controlling authority other than the actual and one major plank of issues on which they oppose the current government for doing what they would have done/did, when in power.



  1. How Modi remains relatively popular in Gujarat absolutely baffles me… Sure Congressmen are no saints but Modi is as evil as you can get in Indian politics

  2. Probably the closest to a Hitler we can get in a democracy.

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