Posted by: KG | Saturday, December 8, 2007

A poem of love

This started out as a poem of love to a certain young actress. (aamaam, kaamaththu paal) And then I thought, what the heck, why should I continue to stereotype this beautiful word called Love. Here goes then, to the sacred feminine.

Its truly exhilarating watching you grow
To see those shades of innocence go
One after the other like in a procession,
Replaced each time by a layer of sheen
Of beauty, and of Beauty.

Some say its maturity
Some say its the law of natural decay
A flower, that’s what you are to me
Each stage is a delight, what else can it be

Each stage is a delight,
Your chubby cheeks that melted my perversion, kneeling me down to tears
Your desirable lips (among others) that fired those synapses of primal attraction
Those beautiful eyes you wanted me to look into to show my sincerity
Those caring words that cleared my mind
Those unspoken, that touched my heart
Those moments of wise counsel, that I ignored first, as bitter pill
Those wrinkles of experience, that I can only hope I will get, eventually
That quality of yours, that makes you what you are
The unconditional giver
What have you taken from me – except anger, mockery and indifference

Even when you eventually wilt,
‘ll curse that inevitable law
That’ll put Mother Nature in a trance
Hope that’ll make you again dance

Even when you eventually wilt,
Into that nothingness,
Its not because you die that I’ll cry
Its because you die that I’ll cry

Death is just another stage
For you to live on another age
Not in the treacherous wilderness
Nor in those controlled gardens
In but the safe, limitless havens of the mind
Sown in the hearts of those you touched
To pass onto those untouched
To soon blossom into the infinite
For every other infinite to seem finite

And when you eventuate to Infinity,
The Mother of Them all,
Its not because you’ll live that I’ll smile
Its because You’ll live that I’ll smile.



  1. superb da KG, ur writing skills are getting better by the day..

  2. Brilliant!!!

  3. Any clues to help us decipher who that “sacred feminine” is?

  4. Its an entity, not a single person. So its a lot of different persons, really.

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