Posted by: KG | Saturday, October 13, 2007

Chewy Staaayyyle…

Today was an all-nighter since I slept too much yesterday. Not having brushed my teeth for long and having seen 2 hours of Mr.Sun, I decided to get some chewing gum in. Suddenly thalaivar’s chewing gum style in Sivaji (Check 1:08 here) sprung to mind and I decided to try it. The first couple of times I tried, it just petered out and I found myself ridiculing Shankar for the chewing gum style having been less realistic than the original cigarette style. But the next time, I was lucky. It was a bit fortuitous but I found a sweet spot in my hand. I had also moved my hand a bit as the gum struck it. The gum hit probably a few millimeters above my left upper lip!! Encouraged, I went on like a 20 times in which I repeated this partial success once. I also experimented with moving my hand in sync with hitting. Moving the hand with the right speed and direction seemed more important than the spot which the gum hit . All about, regular practice and some mental calculation. Adiyenukkey 20 tries-la 2 near hits-na, superhero avarukku idhellam jujubi kanna! 😉

PS: I encourage people who read this post to try this at home and post their experiences. 🙂


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