Posted by: KG | Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Great Indian Hypocrisy

When does a bundle of contradictions become a stinking pile of hypocrites? When everyone knows that there are no contradictions but just acts as if there were. Can we stoop any further?

When you had the f***ing opportunity to send out a strong condemnation at an international summit, all you could come up with were empty words on a philosophy which we simply use to improve our nation’s “brand”? Didn’t you feel atleast for a moment that guilt rolling down your throat? I did. Is that what your bosses from the industry asked you to say? If any other party had been in power, would it have been any different?

I think we will soon need Dr.Chomsky to write a sequel to his Failed States: The Abuse of Power and The Assault on Democracy including evidence from the world’s second largest capitalistic democracy!



  1. as an indian , when i see the response out Govt has to the ruthlessness of the Burmese Junta all i can feel is how we have betrayed out Neighbours , how we have failed to uphold democracy …. Indians should be ashamed and if I am right … not helping the Monks will come back and haunt india in 2 decades when China nearly takes over Burma …
    Did the Comunist party get paid off from china to hold the govt not to do anythings ?

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