Posted by: KG | Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Gabtun, the Geek

Nas (Nash) is going to stun us all with his genius! That labtop (yeah gabtun has a iththu pona lap.. so lets call it lab in his own style) was designed and manufacsured (fractured?) by Gabtun in a record 2 days time. All it is, is a few air molecules in a rectangular box and it beats every other conceivable computing device on Earth. David Deutsch, considered the father of guwandam combuting, thinks this is a whole new baradigm that Gabtun has opened up. No surprises about where the labtop draws its power from!

Gabtun, however had just a saat comment to offer. While Gundustar Prabu thought this was a wicked thing, Superstar was speechless at this stunning innovason.


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