Posted by: KG | Tuesday, July 3, 2007

End.. What?

This Saturday’s hike was in the Plain of the 6 glaciers. Although we didn’t see any glaciers in their great glory (of the past) , there were a lot of philosophical learnings as with any hike. Here’s one.

This was an easier hike than Ha Ling Peak. But then, there were challenges still. I am a little fitter than before but not fit enough to take onto heights, normally. I was puffing and panting as usual as we rose up. The last leg of the hike still remained. It was a ridge with reasonable ascent involved. Although I could see that the end was coming, I couldn’t see an exact finish point. (unlike, my previous hikes to Wenkchemna Pass/Ha Ling Peak)

Abishek was walking before me and I asked him. “Where is the end? I don’t see it.”

He shot back. “End? There is no end. We can keep going as long as we want.”

Touche. I didn’t realise the philosophical depth of that reply until a few moments ago when I was chatting with Anand. (You see, I have very poor real-time wisdom)


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