Posted by: KG | Sunday, June 24, 2007

3 themes/ideas for Tamil cinema

Wish to start the following meme.

I would like to see the following themes/ideas explored in Tamil cinema

1. Sports – You know a lot of powerful stories can be written with sports as a background. Exploring the psyche behind a sportsperson and everything. The power struggles, the glorious and really bad moments, the corruption!

2. Science fiction – This is an area with very little audience. But we have seen that audiences can be built.

3. Parodies – I feel we haven’t had much in the way of parody. I remember Satyaraj doing it in one of his recent movies. I saw Rajini doing a bit of Vadivelu, the other day in Sivaji. Enna vechu comedy keemadi edhum pannaliye! We need more full fledged stuff! For example, the other day I was just thinking about a parody of The Matrix Trilogy with Vadivelu as Neo. 😉 I know it can be hilarious. It can turn out lame too. But is someone willing to experiment?

I tag Partha, Shanky, VK, Mars, Eshwar, Naren, Nitthilan & Ramesh. Suggestions can be broad themes or really specific storylines. Can have examples/comments. Ofcourse, you can use your imagination.

Please let the following appear as it is at the end of your post and pass this along for additional tracking purposes. Thanks.



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