Posted by: KG | Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rain in Calgary

It starts with raining like rice
Sustained cold turns it powdery thin ice
Its like watching a movie animation
Awestruck at nature’s slow motion

The wetness slowly turns into dry
So dry the skin would want to cry
Mornin’ beware the refrozen ice in the walk
May end up in a bed unable to talk

Dont forget to check
Don’t know where the cold comes from
Though the sun is shining, full and bright
For want of a jacket I retreat

-5 it is early morning
+10 is the forecast for the evening
Thought I can venture out for a walk
The chinook’s dead, better I’d stay back.

Its just +2 and snowing in rhythm.
A failure again in the weatherman’s algorithm
Nature encore beats him black and blue
While I am left indoors without a clue.


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