Posted by: KG | Friday, February 23, 2007

விடை கொடு, போகிறேன்.

நீ மழை, நான் இலை.
இதற்கு மேல், உறவில்லை.
விடை கொடு, போகிறேன்.
ஈரமாய் வாழ்கிறேன்.
நீ யாரோ, நான் யாரோ!



  1. nalla gilfasi-yana video machi…

  2. Did you notice that this uvamai is also used in the song ‘Mandram vantha thendralukku’ from Mouna Raagam. BTW nice pic to go with the post

  3. If you are referring to the “Thaamarai mElE neer thuLi pOl” uvamai, both are not the same. Different situations as well.

  4. Good poynt. Forgot the context in AE. Seri how did you generate the text within quotes.? manually or through some tool

  5. Manually.. andha alavukku tamil tools innum valarala thambi.. adhu, tamingilish-la adichu pazhagiduchu.. this is not exact tamingilish but still..

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