Posted by: KG | Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Some pessimism..

You know, just to make the system stable! (If winter comes, can spring be far behind?) Well, as it always happens, ground realities take a long long time to get reported. The one that I am surprised about is the report on the IITs, since I haven’t had much (negative) direct experience about the IITs. I just have a coupla friends in IIT-M who are blessed with extraordinary faculty and facilities.

Are you a programmer or a coder? Brajeshwar asks some hard questions about the status of outsourcing jobs in the country.

GigaOM talks of the problems that the outsourcing industry faces and briefly touches upon the ToI article that talks about the issues that IITs face.

We are panicking. You know, at the (perceived) inability to transform ourselves into a great nation. Is this because, as a nation we have so many other issues to focus upon?

Now wait, it isnt all that bad. If the talent won’t come up, then the industry will create the talent. We have seen that happen already(in the outsourcing industry). There are really good pockets of excellence in our country. Its just sometime before we increase the number of pockets.

We still are a nation of young people and will be so for some time to come. We have the power of democracy behind us. Why panic then? I think we must just chill down and continue doing our work. Ofcourse, the issues won’t take care of themselves. But you think we can become a great nation without facing hurdles? And panicking will help? Measured pessimism will.

By panicking, we might be sending out the wrong signals to the rest of the world. Better to send out those signals than hide them and facing larger consequences later?

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