Posted by: KG | Wednesday, February 7, 2007

C Vs (9/5)*C+32

Was reading this pretty old article about the use of celsius and fahrenheit scales. First I felt that the proponents of the Fahrenheit were being a bit too obsessive before recent events concerning temperature struck a chord. I moved to Calgary from Chennai very recently. Parents and some friends back home had difficulties imagining me (or anybody else) living in sub zero temperatures. Thats the precise problem with designating the temperature at which “water” freezes to ZERO. Afterall, we are not aquatic beings. 😉 Thats where the Fahrenheit scale makes more sense as the article says..

Fahrenheit grouped all earth’s moderate temperatures between 0 and 100 degrees.

What do you think?



  1. we dont have to be “aquatic beings” to be concerned about water freezing… actually even marine animals dont fear that…
    in any case water forms 70% of our body weight nah…

    wat puts me off when ppl talk farenheit is the rate at which it changes… farenheit scale has a steeper slope(when celcius changes from 0 to -40 degrees, farenheit changes from 32 to -40), so not much info is conveyed when there is a change of a few degrees of farenheit, the same cant be said about celcius

  2. I prefer using celsius because I am so used to it. We get an intuitive feel for certain metric and its hard to change. Same applies to pounds (lb) vs. kilogram (kg).

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