Posted by: KG | Friday, February 2, 2007

Sachin Tendulkar on his batting (MoM – 4th ODI Vs WI)

I always bat as I feel is the correct way to bat. I have played long enough to know what is good for me. I do not want to know what others are thinking.

I liked that!



  1. Yeah, its a more assertive Sachin. Usually, he would ignore the rambling media or perhaps score runs and assume they got the message.
    Anyway, he has to make a real impact to the outcome of his last world cup. If he doesnt do that, it will not be a fitting tribute to his carreer. More often than not, he has been accused of not playing well in crunch situations. This is his moment to turn it around.

  2. Yeah.. I don’t consider Sachin to be a great player under pressure. He never has been and am afraid he never will be.

  3. Lets hope Sachin continues to bat like the Sachin of good, old days.

  4. Sachin is going to be critical in India’s tour of World Cup. He will provide strike rotation, measured aggression, and will provide the opposing bowlers jitters.

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