Posted by: KG | Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hey you.. thats my morsel.

Last week was pretty tight for me. I ate at the food court. So some of my food boxes were left as they were the week before. (you know, irresponsible grad students!) Today I opened those boxes for washing and I was greeted with extraordinary combinations of sights and smells. Yuck!

I was reminded of an article I read about this recent bit of research on how the decomposers in a food web are may be actually competing with organisms from higher levels of the food web for survival. Its easy to think that they are virtuous organisms that function for the benefit of the food web by consuming stuff that is not of use to any of the other organizms. They are actually swindling us off our food if we are not careful enough. Hey you microbe, thats my morsel! I better wash my dishes regularly!


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