Posted by: KG | Tuesday, November 7, 2006

I am not a bèn dàn. Are you?

The chinese official speaking at the UN summit would have us believe this.

In China, we don’t have software blocking Internet sites. Sometimes we have trouble accessing them. But that’s a different problem. I know that some colleagues listen to the BBC in their offices from the Webcast. And I’ve heard people say that the BBC is not available in China or that it’s blocked. I’m sure I don’t know why people say this kind of thing. We do not have restrictions at all.

Politicians and government officials are the same everywhere. They would have us believe the sea water tastes sweet and that, well, hypocritical morality should be taught (read, forced) to students so that they can do better in life.

Read more. To the chinese official, zhōng yāng shǒu zhǐ !!!



  1. i wonder if that’s true… i mean, seriously, do u think these politicians actually think people buy their shit? there are so many things our TN politicians say everyday, and how many people do u think listen to them? some times i feel they say or do things just because it is a ritual. everyone knows everyone is a crook, and people have no choice but to select one of them. so i think they bluntly decide by looking at who is able to defend himself/herself more consumately rather than what is true…

  2. for eg, when Laalu Prasad was implicated in fodder scam, he rode to the Patna high court on a rickshaw just to prove that he has no money! and then after that day’s hearing, he returned home on the same rickshaw and presented the rickshawala a dhothi and a silk saree. now that would seem utterly stupid even to the most gullible illiterate lay man. then why did he do it?

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