Posted by: KG | Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Text search may still be an unsolved problem but it has to be said that we have enough basic services. The incremental research in text search, ofcourse, will continue, leading to smarter applications that ‘take’ you to the information you really wanted instead of plain jane lists that are the result of solving for the eigen values/vectors of a very large system of linear equations formed from who links to you and who you link to. (Ahem!) Machine understanding of language is going to be important too in the long run. (Please don’t come to me with Google Calendar’s ability to understand where/when an event is occuring based on what you typed. I must admit it is quite good but its too kiddish as yet. Just that nobody has cared to implement that and Google did.)

Research in “organizing the world’s information” in terms of other media and converting that to user services seems the next logical step. EU promised Quaero as a challenger to the American Search Engines which dominate the space now.

Quaero is not intended to be a text-based search engine but is mainly meant for multimedia search. The search engine will use techniques for recognizing, transcribing, indexing, and automatic translation of audiovisual documents and it will operate in several languages. There is also mention of automatic recognition and indexing of images.

But I guess nothing solid has emerged with Quaero.

Ofcourse, this world beater of a paradigm that should solve “image search” to a great extent. Who would have expected such a line of solution for this problem. I am sure it made everyone sit up. Ofcourse, its still open and hybrid methods that use image processing algorithms with such methods should be the norm, I think.

If that weren’t enough, video is not left behind either. Everyone realizes TV can be a great source of revenue.

Just as samples:

Google’s Interactive TV Conference Best Paper Award

Indexing videos by script and video processing

That was just what met my eye for now. Let me know what met yours.


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