Posted by: KG | Monday, October 16, 2006

One unique advantage for Google..

.. is that they have more people now (outside the company) thinking about their strategy than for Yahoo/Microsoft. They maybe losing their pet status with many former loyalists not considering them to be the same hip startup they were. I, for one, have never thought much about Yahoo/Microsoft in terms of what they should do when compared to Google. Thats probably because as on today, there’s simply no equal to Google. This is not to belittle Yahoo/Microsoft but just that they are no longer the case study that everyone’s interested in. Everytime a new tech innovation comes through successful, people want it to last forever. So they start to think about what it should do for it to sustain longer. Until the next bigger innovation that is. Is the next one in sight? I am sure everyone will be ready to say ‘Move over, Google’ then. 😉


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