Posted by: KG | Friday, June 30, 2006

Page 7 on THE HINDU Metroplus

…starts my day everyday. Even ahead of the sports page.

Ofcourse the cartoons have my all time favorite, Calvin and Hobbes. All the others: Tiger, Hagar The Horrible,  Peanuts, Croc,  Rose is Rose deserve a mention too. That’s the order I read them on most days.Bottomliners: is about business, management and economics – the fun side to them.

Here’s a sampler from  this Wednesday

Guy in Quality Control over phone: If customers can read the fine print, try making the fine print finer.

And then, there’s Graffiti. These days, it precedes the cartoons and everything else.

Here’s a sampler again from the same day

Air pollution doesn’t make good scents.

Statements with a nice twist and some hidden nakkal. That’s graffiti for you.

Here’s an attempt I made on similar lines:

Money related decisions can cost you a lot.



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