Posted by: KG | Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Brazil 3-0 Ghana

OC-la kedachaa phenoyl-a kooda kudippom
Goal kedachaa podavaa maatom?

OC goal by Adriano

Brazil didn’t do much to get to the last 8. Didn’t need to. Is this the team that will win the world cup? No, not as they are now.

I haven’t seen such selfish play for sometime. Could easily have been 6-0.
Culprits: Adriano, Cafu, Roberto Carlos.
Defence: Poor

I am sure Spain/Argentina can put a few across easily.



  1. Ghana’s problem was that they were playing very narrow. They had no wingplay, so they had to attack in a straight channel. Brazil’s defence is organized in a way to counter this. There is Emerson, Ze Roberto, Lucio and Juan, and finally Dida to beat. A tough task!

  2. True.. even the few chances they got, they didn’t have enough quality to convert that.

    Shots on target: 10
    off target: 1

    Shots on target: 7
    off target: 11

    But for 2 shots on target.. they never looked like scoring. the others were weak balls.

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