Posted by: KG | Monday, May 29, 2006

வைரமுத்துவும் காதலும்

I was singing as usual to myself.(Ahem!) It was வெண்ணிலாவின் தேரில் ஏறி from Duet. Its a personal favorite to me. But suddenly it struck me that everything is not quite right with this lyric.

நிறம் கண்டு முகம் கண்டா நேசம் கொண்டேன்?
அவள் நிழல் கண்டு நிழல் கண்டே நான் பாசம் கொண்டேன்!

The lyrics translate as ‘Did I love her seeing her face and color? I loved her just seeing her shadow’. Might I ask, not just Mr.Vairamuthu, even the rest of the tamils, this:

Is doing the latter better in some scale when compared with the former?. If so, what scale is he talking about?

What’s more? He tries to give the picture that he’s not introducing விரசம் in these lines. Just two lines later, he goes into it. 

காலழகு மேலழகு கண் கொண்டு கண்டேன்
அவள் நூல் அவிழும் இடை அழகை நோகாமல் தின்றேன்

I am not against writing such lyrics. I love them. But trying to write them under the facade of pure unadulterated love is deplorable for me. (btw, what is pure unadulterated love? nothing but the figment of imagination of our poets) It is nothing but trying to push a false view of love that we tamils seem to have developed.

Mr.Vairamuthu often tries to infuse (?) a lot of science and technology into his lyrics.(The result is debatable and I would end up arguing both ways) But I am afraid it sort of becomes pseudo science because he is still rooted in a few old tamizh philosophies.



  1. goyaaalae…y do u assume vairamuthu has to write abt “pure unadulterated love” virasamaa thaan paadattumae enna ippo ? 🙂

  2. Mate, the point is about the masquerading. As I have said, I don’t mind (and infact I love) such lyrics.

  3. Agreed…Vairamuthu’s isn’t appealin to me a lot these days…Thamarai is gud.

  4. HI,


    காலழகு மேலழகு கண் கொண்டு கண்டேன்
    அவள் நூல் அவிழும் இடை அழகை நோகாமல் தின்றேன்

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