Posted by: KG | Friday, May 26, 2006

Intel’s World Ahead Program in India

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Intel has a different vision of providing education, computing access and connectivity to the developing nations. (We spoke about the MIT OLPC and Microsoft FlexGo just two posts ago)

People really want a full-featured PC. They want an optical drive, Internet access and even the ability to run games. No one wants to cross the digital divide with old technology.

Thus spake Intel CEO Paul Otellini while unveiling three low cost devices for the Indian market.

Quick Info:

  • A full-featured energy efficient desktop PC
  • A community PC adapted to Indian conditions
  • Eduwise, a notebook targeted at school students. (Exp. price: Rs. 18000)
  • Wimax for broadband wireless access in india along with VSNL.
  • Prices to be decided by the vendors soon

Paul Otellini didn't make any specific announcements relating to Intel's expected chip plant in India but said they were helping the Indian govt. in framing a policy on semiconductor manufacturing in the country.

While on the topic, here's an article with a spectrum of views about India's entry into semiconductor manufacturing. [via]


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