Posted by: KG | Saturday, March 11, 2006

Avant News

Was browsing through some of my favorite blogs when I came across this. I opened the google link first (as is my wont) and read that Google Labs has released Where To Find. Headed straight to even without reading the rest. Not finding anything I came back. I read the name of the website again. Avant News. Avant as in Avant Garde. Then I saw to the right. “Tomorrow’s News, Today”
The usual sheepish grin. Opened the other link. Study proves Universe formed by Committee. Huh!

Ofcourse, what an idea for a website! Don’t forget to taste the latest here. Here are a few from today.
Most Studies Find Nothing, Study Finds

NSA Wiretap Program Uses Innovative Router-Sniffing Spy Dogs

Paris Hilton Restoration Completed

Taliban Strengthen Grip on People’s Republic of South Dakota


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