Posted by: KG | Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Rapping too much

Earlier, Yuvan explored lifted soft rock. Seems he is into rap now. Think it started with a number in Raam. Then that Pushing it harder number from Kanda Naal Mudhal. (Liked that very much) And now, two numbers in Pattiyal. Average album for me, though. Pudhupettai, though lifted for most part, is good. Ofcourse lyrics and other factors carried that album through as well.
Stop the raps. Stop the blatant lifts. Give us some decent music. Then I will say, Yo Yo Yuvan!

Now Hearing: Vettayadu Vilayaadu
Huh! Even Harris has a poor rap for the trailer song 'Karka Karka'.

So many come to this post in search of the lyrics of that rap. So I am linking to Navin who has it. Oh, btw, my views of that rap have changed on hearing repeatedly. Pazhaga Pazhaga paavakkaayum inikkum? 😉



  1. Check out the songs of Poi!. Its good I mean too good. Vidyasagar has proved that he is in the big league with Ilayaraja. great songs. ALos is there someway i can subcribe for your blog.

  2. Oh. Will check that out. Regarding subscriptions, you could use one of the first 3 options on my Blogroll on the right. Since wordpress doesn’t offer me as much customization as blogspot, I am unable to offer bloglet/any such instant subscriber. Nevertheless, everything is more or less the same. I also recommend CoComment for tracking your comments in other’s blogs.

  3. dei kg,

    paatu nalla irundha kaekoonum. atho aarayakoodathu

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