Posted by: KG | Saturday, February 25, 2006

The future will say…

Orion, The Hunter Long night walks. Random star gazing. Pattern recognition. (hehe… i am an ECE, afterall) Thinking about the world of old in which star gazing would have been my regular hobby for sure. The blue eyed vagabond. Perfect, for me. I know not a proper thing about stars and star gazing though.

When MARS said this set of stars(picture, left) was Orion, I didn’t know it. Ofcourse I had heard the name and seen this hunter shape in books. But never have I realized that my friend for atleast an umpteen nights of star gazing has been these 3 collinear stars(the belt) enclosed in that quadrilateral of stars (the body). Ofcourse, my eyes don’t pick up those offensive and defensive weapons, whatever they are.

As always, this led me to think about astrology. And this:

Poor people. They were trying to make sense of whatever information that got into their system. Led them astray. (astro?)

I expect to hear the same from people 2000 years down the line – about us and our damned theories!


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