Posted by: KG | Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Yahoo gives up on Google in Search

Update: Yahoo issues a rebuttal downplaying the below.

Ha… Yes. It takes some courage to acknowledge the truth. Microsoft may not have that. Yahoo does. You can’t beat Google in search unless you have “truly” next generation search technology.

Recently, my friend Shankar, wondered whether the new kid (search engine) on the block, PreviewSeek would give Google, a run for its money.

If Yahoo can’t, can PreviewSeek come anywhere near? Obviously, the guys who developed PreviewSeek see that there is still space in search. Obviously, search engines need more intelligence, need to display more ‘relevant’ content, need to index more of the dark web. PreviewSeek, I would say, is an attempt to do that. It has tried to do some semantic stuff. But way, off the mark. If one types their name, they should get a complete profile of their activities since they were born. (So much for privacy!) Nevertheless, standard searches on Previewseek yields some very good categorization. So, it is the information that needs restructuring.

Ofcourse, Google may be big in search. But it is still a kid when compared to the task. If you consider multimedia, then everyone is infantish!. Quaero, the European Search Engine for Multimedia, touted by Jacques Chirac to be Europe’s answer to Google/Yahoo is expected to launch very soon. Let us see!


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