Posted by: KG | Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Customize Google

No, this is not This is not the latest personalized google news, either. Okey, before I loose you, this is a firefox plugin I’ve been using for sometime. Infact, I just installed it then and left it ‘uncustomized’. You know, one of those mental blocks called laziness. (That’s a thing that software makers are addressing already)

The plugin is called ‘Customize Google’ and it does just that.


Some features:

  • Removing all of Google Ads (Believe me, it does! Guys at google, they are eating right into your business)
  • Bookmarking from Google search results directly into your favorite manager – in my case, Simpy. (Others –, furl, yahoo, firefox etc) So far I had been using this cool bookmarklet for Simpy.
  • Privacy – Removes Click Tracking on all Google Services. (Wow! Is that democratic Google?)
  • Google Suggest integration.

Result: Seamless Integration across a number of services. Highly Recommended.


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