Posted by: KG | Tuesday, January 17, 2006

50 milliseconds is all you have

If you thought you had 8 seconds to hook your webpage visitor, then you are wrong. From Via [Slashdot]

… presented volunteers with the briefest glimpses of web pages previously rated as being either easy on the eye or particularly jarring, and asked them to rate the websites on a sliding scale of visual appeal. Even though the images flashed up for just 50 milliseconds, their verdicts tallied well with judgements made after a longer period of scrutiny.

I am a little skeptical about the above experimental setup though their arguments (like, cognitive bias) & inferences are quite acceptable. Is it a case of reverse engineering? Where a solution is assumed and a technique is evolved.

This is because of ‘cognitive bias’, Lindgaard explains. People enjoy being right, so continuing to use a website that gave a good first impression helps to ‘prove’ to themselves that they made a good initial decision.

Did they fall prey to their own theory? Or am I just being too skeptical on this one without much detail? For you, to decide.



  1. Phew!.. 50ms is a pretty short interval!
    Some color combos can certianly put u off quickly.. but 50ms.. 😕

  2. this may sound naive. 20 Hz is the order of bandwidth that is reqd. the brain supports atleast upto 30 Hz or so… Neurons can support about 200 Hz (afaik) Let me know if there is a fallacy or factual error.

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