Posted by: KG | Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ericsson Medialab’s Warriors of the Net

My sis brought home an amazing video on the way the internet operates. Plain rocks!

The video is a fantastic narration & animation of how a packet on the Internet originates and is serviced. None Very little of the information was new to me but the video kept me engrossed. It can easily be dubbed as “How the Internet operates for Dummies” or “Internet: An Introduction to the Layman”. It could be called “A Kid’s Introduction” but then these days kids are way too aware. (as in Parle G’s G for Genius)



  1. yeah!.. I saw that. Got it when I was searching my junks in my pc. pretty interesting.. in fact i got to know something abt the internet( horribly weak in basics! )

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