Posted by: KG | Friday, January 13, 2006

VISION 2006 – Fostering Innovation

The publicity for VISION 2006 is just on. VISION 2006, is the annual technical symposium conducted by the Electronics and Communication Engineering Association (ECEA) of the Department of ECE, CEG.


e-Chip – An online VLSI contest.
Workshops and Guest Lectures – which are yet to be announced.
Exhi-VISION – two day technical exhibition for hardware, software and robotics.
Drive Thru – Electronic Car Bot Design.

As a person who was actively involved in VISION 2004, it is a sort of an emotional attachment to me. (A personal account follows. Recommended only for CEG ECEians)

VISION was predominantly paper presentation domain just as any “national level technical symposium” at the UG level. That was before 2004 when many of us including some alumni felt this useless event be done away with. But some others felt it was necessary atleast at some level. So we cut it down from 4 sessions to 2 and then to one due to the poor quality of papers. (as was expected) 2004 had some important changes to the format and the events.
VISION’05 was far better and in a way, radical. But everyone (including, self) felt they over did it, in terms of the magnitude. Nevertheless, a splendid effort! In such a shadow comes this year’s VISION. I am expecting this to be a fantastic and appropriate one.

There are still the usual dissenters who feel such shows are useless. I felt I should explain the reasons but decided against it because it would be useless, again. Them and Us are in a different frames of reference. So reason in one, is useless in another. So I am leaving it at that.



  1. i joined the college 3 yrs before, expecting to come out as one of the brilliant innovators in the country, but then the truth soon dawned upon me(as an alumni..u should be knowing what it is…). but even in those dreary initial academic years of realization, a nightmare that can never achromatize even from my ever deteriorating memory is the VISION that i had to COMPULSARILY attend.

    As a first year who could not identify a transistor even if it came banging onto his face( well…even now not much progress has been made!….) , to listen to paper presentations where even the speakers had not a whimsical fancy on what they were talkin abt. could have been more traumatic than what the jews would have felt during Hitlers reign.At the time there was only one question reiteratively echoing in my mind…WHY THE HELL DOES ANY ONE EVEN BOTHER TO HOLD SUCH AN EVENT!

    well…now things have changed VISION is something that we anticipate with great enthusiasm to free us from the shackles of this monotonous life…
    How right those exigous “visionaries” who “felt VISION was necessary”.
    Thank u for having confidence in us and ur hopes will not be misplaced..we have greater plans next year as our seniors have set the right platform for us to build on…U CAN BE PROUD TO BE A CEGian..

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