Posted by: KG | Friday, January 6, 2006

Thankfully, it is not a disease!


  • is infectious
  • spreads fast
  • plays a big role in all major decisions/areas
  • is widely available for free.

Its mutations (Infotainment, Gossip etc) are

  • even more potent and contagious
  • easier to create and replicate
  • addictive
  • possibly, harmful

Thankfully, information is not a disease, worm or virus.

Note: Disease, worm and virus are w.r.t human (animal) physical systems only. W.r.t social systems/neural systems, most information can lead to similar troubles, esp. when consumed/transmitted in large quantities.



  1. great comparison.. keep thinking up stuff like this!!

  2. Nice thought process! Write more!

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    Thanks for your comment on my radioactivity post.

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