Posted by: KG | Wednesday, January 4, 2006

And now, Semiconductors – Made in India!

(This is quite an old story by today’s click and publish news delivery standards but I came to know of this only from THE HINDU)
Lack of a semiconductor manufacturing facility has been a major chink in India’s ICT armour. A country of One Billion can go without a Gold medal in the Olympics but not without a strong manufacturing base. While traditional manufacturing in India continues to grow and usher in revenues, new areas need to be explored at appropriate times for the country to emerge as a super power. Semiconductor manufacturing has great potential that needs to be explored. Just like India has its own space launch facility, it needs to have an indigenous semiconductor manufacturing industry.Without the demand from such a facility, hardly any sustained non-outsourcing ICT work will come India’s way.

SemIndia Limited, working along with the GOI, AMD, Indian Semiconductor Association among others is attempting to bell the cat. Here is today’s article from THE HINDU.

The person behind the company: Dr.Vinod K. Agarwal, Professor turned entrepreneur. Founder of Logic Vision.

Immediate task: Chips for BroadCom
I don’t think anyone needs me to spell out what this can mean to India.

R & D cannot deliver prosperity to a billion people. It is manufacturing, manufacturing, manufacturing. If we don’t start manufacturing today, we will be left behind forever. – Dr.Vinod K Aggarwal.

Vision is one thing. Will & Credential are others. You’ve them all, Dr.Agarwal. Play on!


Jan 10: News release of the ATMP (Assembly-Test-Mark-Pack) facility announcement. One of my friends doing a PhD in Electronics says that it will take atleast 2-3 years to build an up and running fab.
Previous: Can’t believe I missed this news on Rediff. Link from one of my older posts.

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‘In time… India will be high on the world semiconductor design map.’
-Poornima Shenoy, India Semiconductor Association

Intel’s India Investment.
Huh! Another feel good article! -India on the cusp of a take off.

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