Posted by: KG | Sunday, January 1, 2006

The start of another unit of time…

Yes. Half an hour from now(23:30 IST as I post), our own reference of time would have crossed another mark.

I am moving from here to wordpress just because I needed a change. This spirit of change is what drives the world. It is as if we started a clock and wanted it to go one way. But due to the vagaries of life, it goes awry. But at the start of the year, the whole of the world tries to resynchronize to the global time reference. All New Year Resolutions, I see, as a subset of this desire to resynchronize. To shed our old skin and start growing a new one. It is a cycle, though! We always have next year, don’t we?.

Technically we can’t stop time. But this can be taken atleast as a pause to everyone’s lives. All our other festivals/holiday breaks are smaller ones so that we can regroup ourselves. In that sense, The New Year is a big recharge.

Rethink, Review, Revision, Remedy, all those words starting with ‘Re’, which means again – just for us to rise again. To come back fresh. So Recharge and Resynchronize. That, I believe, is the true spirit of the New Year! Best Wishes!


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